Fixing the Nintendo Switch Communication Error


I played a lot of Splatoon 2 this weekend, but when I initially tried to get onto the online lobby it gave me the Error Code 2618-0203 “A communication error has occurred. Please try again later.” I got the same error when I tried Mario Kart. I’m probably going to upgrade to a new router soon, but here are the steps to fix this communication error.

  1. Go to systems settings on your Switch.
  2. Go to Internet.
  3. Go to Internet Settings.
  4. Go to the network you’re connected on and change settings.
  5. Go to DNS settings, change to manual.
  6. Change primary DNS to

And that’s it. Haven’t had any problems since.

2 thoughts on “Fixing the Nintendo Switch Communication Error

  1. Thank you!!!! this was the only thing that would work for me to resolve the DNS error. I had tried everything, shutdown and restart the Switch (multiple times), unplug and restart my home network router and modem (multiple times), restored Switch to factory settings, tried entering other DNS addresses manually, and tried other router settings without any luck.


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