How to Unlock Symphony of the Night in Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

I had the urge to play some Castlevania after the Netflix series came out last week. I tried to play Symphony of the Night on the Vita but the lack of physical L2 and R2 buttons made it annoying for me. And while I could’ve picked up triggers for the Vita, I decided to do the more complicated work around. I had picked up Dracula X Chronicles, a game that also includes a copy of SotN. Dracula X Chronicles was originally a PSP game, which meant that it had to compensate for the lack of L2 and R2 buttons with native inputs that didn’t involve using the touch screen. It took me about 15 minutes to unlock SotN, steps to do so are below.

Play through the game normally until you get to stage 2, when you get to the room where a Minotaur (actually I’m not sure if it’s a Minotaur it’s like a bull with wheels) is charging you, jump down the first or third pitfall that comes up, it’ll take you into the sewers. Finish the stage and kill the skeleton boss to move on to stage 3.

On stage 3, there will be a top and bottom path, anytime you have to make a choice, go with the top path. You’re going the right way if you see the dinosaur skeleton once you get through a door, now go up the stairs and make it through the dangling morning stars and eventually up another set of stairs. The next room has a skeleton snake that shoots fire and tries to bite you. After you kill it, you’ll need to use the cross or the axe to bring the vine covered green platform down. Jump up there and do some platforming to reach a tomb stone. There’s going to be some jumps that look too long for you to cross but you can definitely do it. Also, there’s some platforms that breakaway, if it does you can still cross with a well timed jump so don’t worry about starting over. The tomb stone at the end of the high platforms contains SotN. You don’t have to complete the run or save, this will unlock the game.

Oh and if you’re having trouble making it to stage 3, just keep practicing and get good. You can do a backwards flip if you push jump twice so maybe that helps.

2 thoughts on “How to Unlock Symphony of the Night in Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

    1. I gave up after a few hours too, I think it may be a combination of the small screen and the controls not being very comfortable. I went back and started playing the Castlevania games on the DS, those are still pretty fun.

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