Removing the Crimson Curse in Darkest Dungeon

If you got back into Darkest Dungeon recently to play the Crimson Court, you’ve probably have a few characters infected with the crimson curse from fighting blood suckers. Getting cursed is better than dying, but you do need to carry vials of blood or risk losing your recruits to wasting away.  After completing the initial Crimson Court quest, you get a quest to kill the Baron to remove the curse. This map is Epic sized, so you’re not expected to complete it in one go, reentering will place you at the location you retreated at. You need an invitation every time you go back to this location, which is a drop from the Gatekeeper. These guys randomly appear accompanied by other bloodsuckers when you’re doing other quests. It’s best to kill them first because they have a chance to exit after one turn, and they leave mosquitoes for you to fight so they’re pretty lame.

You don’t need very many torches for this run (it’s always 75+ light level so your solar trinkets will work) but you will at a minimum need food (at least two stacks) and (at least 6) blood (your heroes will most likely get infected inside the courtyard). Torches on throbbing cocoons and holy water on damned fountains will give you heal 30 stress. Once you get past the yellow gate wine crates will appear, you can use a shovel to get a camping log out of these. Also past the yellow gate are the Forgotten Delicacies which will give you food if you use medicinal herbs on it. There’s also a few obstacles that require torches and shovels to get past. Bringing a hero that can heal stress will be very helpful as well.

By checking the map you should be able to figure out how to get to the Baron, he is in the red room right before the treasure room labeled “Red Key”. If you’re wondering why there’s a key after the boss, it gives you access to a room with an additional crimson court trinket. If you want that trinket you’ll have to grab it in one go after killing the boss, you won’t be able to return to this map again.

Once the Baron is dead the curse is lifted from all your heroes, and you unlock the quest to kill a Viscount, which will remove curses again if you get recursed. The next quest will ask you to kill a Countess, as a reward you’ll then be able to remove the Crimson Curse through the Sanitarium like any other disease.

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