Something I’ve been practicing lately is the use of my non dominant hand. For myself and most people that would be the left hand. If you haven’t practiced, it’ll probably be surprisingly difficult to do every day tasks with your non dominant hand. The benefit is that you strengthen connections in your brain by performing tasks you don’t normally use your off hand for. It doesn’t take much effort to get started. Try switching hands for simple tasks like brushing your teeth, unlocking a door, soaping in the shower, and eating utensils. If you really want to get good you could practice writing with your non dominant hand, though I don’t really see many benefits to that, maybe you can write illegible ransom letters. Only practical thing I can think of is it gives me some relief if I’m on the computer all day. I’m sure there’s other benefits too. At work I’ll use my left hand to move the mouse and then at home I’ll switch to my right hand, less likely to get carpal tunnel that way.

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