Best Accessories in Persona 5

We covered the strongest weapons, now let’s talk about the best accessories. Aside from the SP recovery accessory, there’s three accessories that you should aim to collect.

Crystal Skull: +5 to all stats/High evade all magic. This one you get for transmuting the Crystal Skull treasure demon with a black rock. you can transmute only one persona a day but you can always resummon the Crystal Skull out of the compendium for money without having to find them again. I covered how to find the treasure demons here.

Divine Pillar: Reduce all damage by half. This is a drop from the Reaper, it might take a few tries to get but you can get one for each party member if you wanted to. I covered how to fight the Reaper before.

Omnipotent Orb: Nullifies all damage except almighty. This trinket is only available in new game +. You get this by fighting the twins, which becomes an available once Mementos is unlocked.

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