Use Google Opinion Rewards to Get Money to Give Back to the Google App Store

Now let me start by saying I don’t play many cell phone games, so if you’re a whale this is definitely not going to be enough to fuel your spending habits. I’ve been using the Google Opinion Rewards for about 10 months and my total earned is $8.87. It’s not much but it’s been enough for those occasional premium app splurges. What the app does is it sets up a profile of you by asking you questions about your background and through phone data of places you’ve been to. Based on this information it allows marketers to send surveys through the app that target your demographic. You answer these surveys that are usually take less than a minute for Google Play Credit up to 1.00. Now you can make yourself sound more interesting to get more surveys, but I’ve read that Google will catch on and try to bait you with a trap survey, and if you answer wrong you won’t get any more surveys after. If you want to do that for some fast credits, you better ask yourself if that is worth losing almost $9 a year of app store credit.

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