Guide to Buying Japanese eShop Codes for your Nintendo Switch

If you’re like me and bought a Switch at launch, you’ve exhausted the games that’s available in the US by now. There are several titles that have been released in Japan that change to your system’s language setting. Because the Switch is region free, it’s possible to import these titles to play on any Switch.

There’s three ways to buy Japanese games.

  1. You can buy the physical copy through a retailer like Amazon Japan or Playasia, they will ship it outside of Japan for you.
  2. You can make a Japanese account, you will need to buy eshop credits from the aforementioned sites since your out of country credit cards will not work on the Nintendo eStore.
  3. you can buy eShop codes for some games through Amazon Japan, change your region to Japan, redeem and download and change it back.

I’ll cover the third option since it’s the easiest, the drawback is that not all games have eShop codes available through Amazon Japan.

  1. Find a game you want through Japanese Amazon, the example I’ll use is Disgaea 5. The English release comes out at the end of May, but the Japanese version has been available since March.
  2. Create an AmazonJP account, even if you already have a US account you have to create a new login, you can use the same email.
  3. Once you have an account created, click on the globe on the upper right hand corner to change the language preference to English, or click here.
  4. After this go to your account and manage addresses. You’ll need to add two addresses. One will be your fake Japanese address and the other will be your international billing address used to verify your credit card.
  5. Now add the game to your cart, for the digital version of Disgaea 5, it’s the one that’s 7,538 yen.
  6. You should get a message that says Amazon can’t ship this internationally, select your fake Japanese address to proceed. Don’t worry nothing gets shipped because you’re ordering a digital code.
  7. Next Amazon will ask for a method of payment. You can put your credit card here, try to pick one that has no foreign transaction fees if you have one. Make sure you use your actual billing address and not your fake Japanese address.
  8. It can take a few hours for the payment to process, you’ll get an email with the code once it’s completed.
  9. Now go to the account settings at Nintendo’s page and change the region to Japan. Go to the eShop on the Switch and you’ll be prompted to log in again.
  10. Click on the email confirmation from AmazonJP, to register the game to your account. The link you want reads “ダウンロード開始(任天堂のサイトへ)” which claims the code to your Nintendo account. Next click the red button. Your download will now start on your Switch, if not go to the eshop and manually download it.
  11. After the download’s finished you can switch your region back.

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