Hoodie Pillow Review

I bought a hoodie pillow on a whim a few months ago.  Like the name implies, it is a pillowcase with a hoodie attached to it. I’ve tried some sleep masks but haven’t found one that felt great to wear for a long time. When I learned about the hoodie pillow it seemed like a good solution. I wasn’t expecting much going into it, but it did turn out to be a pillowcase that I can see myself using for a long time.

The material used is sweatshirt fleece, and it fit over my queen sized pillow perfectly. There is a pocket on the side for your phone or iPod (actually, I think they stopped making these, people just use their phones now. Are there audiophiles that insist on using iPods because the sound is better? That’s not a thing right?), with a hole to run your earbuds through under the hood. Two drawstrings can be pulled on to tighten the hoodie.

The pillowcase is soft like a sweater, it was most useful on weekends when I wanted to stay in bed a bit longer after the sun came out. During the week I usually flipped it around and used it like a regular pillow. It can be handy for naps if you have that luxury. The only time I can see myself not using them would be in the summer. It might be too hot to wear a hoodie to bed then. They do look a little ridiculous, but that’s a perk of living on your own. Just remember to flip them over if you have friends over and they’re going to make fun of you for it, also don’t make friends with people who will rag on your pillowcase choices.

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