Best Time to get Seasonal Candy

Is the day after the holiday. Every time a holiday ends the stores have to dump the seasonal items to make room for the next holiday. To me that’s an opportunity to overstock up on candy that I wouldn’t buy at normal price. Check your local drug and grocery store, they’ll have everything marked down at least 50%. Depending on the holiday, they’ll have other things related to that day on sale too. I got a nice shaving kit that was half off after Christmas and there wasn’t even anything festive on the packaging. All the chocolate eggs, peeps and jelly beans you want can be yours for half of what you would’ve paid for it last week right now! Buy some chocolates after Valentine’s Day and you won’t be paying a premium next year, just make sure you cover up the expiration date. Old Halloween candy to give away? I’ve got a ton of that too, kids don’t know the difference anyways. Like candy corn? I don’t but I’m sure I still have some from last Thanksgiving.

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