Water bottle recommendation

I talked about drinking enough fluids the other day, now I want to recommend a bottle. A few years ago I attended The International in Seattle. The event was a lot of fun if you like Dota 2, I bought a lot of merchandise, but the best things I got came in the swag bag: a Nalgene Wide Mouth Bottle. It’s a simple 32 oz bottle with a wide opening, big enough to fit ice cubes or a portable filter. It’s easy to wash because of the wide opening. The sides are marked in ounces and milliliters. For reference, you need to drink 3 1/4 of these everyday to reach your fluid requirement for the day. You can put cold or hot liquids in, although I never put anything hot in there. I carried it around Seattle all week, and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it since then. At home I leave it on the nightstand, on trips it fits in the side pocket of most backpacks. I’ve tried other bottles but always come back to this one. There’s no smell or taste of plastic and the ease of cleaning makes it so convenient. Supposedly the the BPA free version is less durable than the old ones, but I’m not an amateur juggler who uses full water bottles to up the stakes so I haven’t dropped it yet to test this.

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