Use Microsoft Rewards to Get Free Xbox Live or Gift Cards

A few years ago I learned about Bing Reward program where Microsoft gives you points for doing searches with Bing. I’d try to do some searches on and off if I remembered, the rewards were mostly sweepstakes entries so I didn’t really bother. At some point the name changed to Microsoft Rewards and gift cards became part of the rewards. I’m going to go over the best ways to spend those points.

For 5250 points, you can get a $5 Amazon gift card. Using that as the base, the value of each point is $.000952. Each day you can get about 300 points from doing 30 web searches and 20 mobile searches as well as the daily bonus points, that’s about 29 cents per day for a few minutes of searches. It takes about 18 days to reach this goal.

The best value of the rewards available is the one year of Xbox live gold membership for 29,000 points. It retails for $60, but you can usually find it on sale for around $45. At $45 dollars, the per point value is $.0015, that’s about 70% higher than the value from redeeming for a $5 Amazon gift card, and if you can get use of it, that’s the best value if we don’t include special rewards that show up from time to time. It’ll take about 96 days to reach 29,000 if you max your rewards daily.

If you can’t get any use out of the Xbox live membership, you could also get a Groove Music annual pass for 99,900 points. That takes 333 days and each point would be about $.00099 (MSRP is $99 a year). This is not a great deal because you can also get Windows store gift cards. The $100 card is discounted to 91,000 points. This is the best deal if you can find something to buy on the Windows store and you don’t need an Xbox membership. This takes 303 days to complete at 300 points a day and works out to be $.00109 per point.

The fastest way to get your PC searches done is to click on the link from your dashboard for PC Searches. Click through the different categories and you’ll have your 30 searches done in under a minute.

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