How to Negotiate with Shadows and Get Them to Join You

If you exploit the enemies’ weakness and knock them all down, you have an option to pick “Lend me your power” to negotiate with the shadow. The shadow will ask you questions, and depending on your answers, they will join you, give you an item and leave or attack you. You should note their personality before negotiating, this is shown on the top left hand corner. Once you know this, refer to the table below and try to pick an answer that will fit the type of answers they will like. Until you max out your Sun Arcana Confidant, they will not join you unless you are at or above their level.

Personality Answers They Like Answers They Dislike
Upbeat Funny Serious, Vague
Timid Kind Vague, Funny
Irritable Serious Vague, Kind
Gloomy Vague Serious, Funny

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