The Only Cooking Pot You Need

Since I got my Instant Pot, the rice cooker and the slow cooker have not been used a single time. That is because it is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute pot, yogurt maker, steamer & warmer all in one. I primarily use it as an electric pressure cooker, ribs that took 8 hours to cook in the slow cooker can be finished in 30 minutes. And it’s not like a microwave where everything tastes off afterwards. There’s a lot of recipes out there you can try, most of it just involves throwing the ingredients in and waiting for the timer to go off. Some of my favorites are chicken and rice,  Colombian chicken stew, and pho ga. You can get curry sauce, cut up all the ingredients and run it for 25 minutes and it’ll be ready to go. It’s great for meal prepping on Sundays, make a pot of pasta and you have lunch for the whole week. There’s so much you can do with it, I find myself using it every week. The only feature I haven’t tried yet is the yogurt maker option, but if that’s your thing I guess you could make yogurt with it.

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