Most Useful Confidants to Get Early in Persona 5

I picked up a copy of Persona 5 early and have put about 60 hours into the game so far. Your confidants grant you special abilities as you level them up through spending time with them. I’m going to list the ones I feel are most helpful to level first.

Really Good 

Sadayo Kawakami – Temperance Arcana – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Nights by using the yellow telephone at Leblanc Cafe starting 5/24. Her abilities are designed to maximize your time. You Guts rank must be 2 to start this. Each time you call her over it costs 5k. It could get expensive to max this confidant but it’s worth it if you want to have more time for activities. Note that you can’t level her confidant the same evening if you already have her doing chores for you.

Useful Abilities:
At level 1 and level 5 you gain the ability to slack off in her and other teachers’ class. This doesn’t occur everyday at school but you can use this time to either make tools, read a book, sleep to gain relationship points with the confidant you’re dreaming about or study to gain knowledge.
At level 3 she can do your laundry or brew coffee that recovers SP for one person for 5k. If you find dirty gear in dungeons you can call her up at the laundromat to take care of it instead of wasting your night waiting for it to be ready.
At level 7 she can make curry that recovers SP for the whole team or make infiltration tools for you, this service also costs 5k.
At level 10 she can give you a special massage that lets you perform actions at night even after visiting a palace or memento. Also all the previous services are now free.

Chihaya Mifune – Fortune Arcana – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in Shinjuku Red Light District Starting on 6/22. She’s at a table on the street, you’ll have to visit her to start the relationship. You’ll also need to finish up a memento quest and 100k yen to go past rank 1, but you’ll get it back at the end. You can stop once you reach rank 7 with her.

Useful Abilities:
At level 3 you gain the ability to get a money reading that lets you double your reward money when defeating shadows with an all out attack.
At level 7 you gain the affinity reading which lets you increase the relationship of any other confidant for 5k yen, this is available once per day at her booth. Paying for this reading does not advance the time, so it’s really helpful when you don’t quite have the relationship points needed to level up your other confidant ranks and you don’t want to waste time trying to level it up. I don’t know how many points you get per reading but it could take a few readings over a few days before your selected confidant relationship is ready to progress.

Tae Takemi – Death Arcana – Everyday after school at the clinic in Yongen-Jaya starting 4/18. You need a Guts rank of 2 to get her confidant level up to 7. She sells a very useful accessory to help you stay longer in Palaces. You get +1 to guts every time you rank up.

Useful Abilities:
At level 5 she sells an accessory that recovers 7 SP per turn, but it’s 100k.
At rank 7 she sells it at half off for 50k. This accessory can make a huge difference in your dungeon efficiency since SP is really the only thing limiting you from completing a palace in one day.

Pretty Good

Toranosuke Yoshida – Sun Arcana – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at Station Square starting 5/6. You must speak to him and work at the beef bowl until he notices you. He teaches you how to negotiate better with shadows. You’ll also get +3 to charm upon leveling up for most of his ranks.

Useful Abilities:
At level 2 you can make additional demands for money or items during a hold up. You can do this repeatedly to make money fast, but the chance of the shadow getting angry and attacking or summoning more shadows increases each time you demand more. At level 3 you get the ability to sometimes ask for a large sum of money, but this option will end the fight, I think you actually make more money at level 2 by demanding over and over again…
At level 5 shadows are more likely to give you a rare item during hold up.
At level 10 you can persuade shadows higher level than you to join you.

Hifumi Togou – Star Arcana – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday nights at Kanda Church starting 6/25.  Must have a charm rank of 3 to initiate and a knowledge rank of 5 to proceed after level 8.

Useful Abilities:
At level 1 she lets you swap party members on your turn, this uses up the turn.
At level 7 you gain the ability to make double money if you ambush an enemy and defeat them before they act.
At level 10 you can swap party members on any of their turns.


Yuuki Mishima – Moon Arcana – Night at Shibuya/Shinjuku/Akihabara starting 5/6.

Useful Abilities:
He gives your active and nonactive members an xp bonus as you rank his confidant level up, I didn’t really notice a huge level disparity between the members and never actively looked for him to spend time with, just go hang out with him whenever he texts.

Futaba Sakura – Hermit Arcana – Daytime Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday outside Leblanc Cafe. Need kindness of 4 to advance past rank 1.

Useful Abilities:
At level 1 she’ll randomly buff your whole party, this can be plus attack, defense, evasion/accuracy, or speed.
At level 2 she’ll occasionally fill in the entire floor of Mementos you are on.
At level 6 she’ll randomly heal your party and restore SP.
At level 7 she has a chance after a fight to refill all the treasure chests on the floor of Mementos you’re on.
At level 9 she’ll swap out knocked out party members with reserves.

Shinya Oda – Tower Arcana – Daytime Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Akihabara Arcade starting 9/4, must start the mission to catch a cheater and go to memento first before the bond can begin. Teaches you gun abilities.

Useful Abilities:
At level 1 you gain a special shot to use all your bullets to down an enemy.
At level 5 you and your party can carry more bullets.
At level 6 you use half the bullets to perform the special shot.
At level 10 your bullets can affect shadows that reflect or absorb gun damage.

Munehisha Iwai – Hanged Man Arcana – Sunday, Thursday and Saturday at the Air Soft Store in Shibuya starting 5/6.  Need rank 4 guts to begin and rank 5 guts at level 8.

Useful Abilities: 
Level 1, 3, 7 and 10 allow you to customize your guns, you’ll need to have a model gun each time you want to customize it. The customized version of the gun you’re using will be a lot more powerful than the version you have equipped.
Level 5 gives you a discount when customizing your guns.

Sojiro Sakura – Hierophant Arcana – Every night except Wednesday at Leblanc Cafe starting 4/20. He can teach you to brew coffee and make curry, coffee gives one member SP back, curry gives the whole party SP. Making either items takes time, so it’s best to level Temperance and ask Kawakami to do it.

Useful Abilities:
Level 1 and 6 for coffee and coffee upgrade.
Level 4, 9 and 10 for curry and curry upgrade.

Don’t bother unless you don’t have anything else to do

Ichiko Ohya – Devil Arcana – Nightime at Shinjuku Crossroads bar starting 6/22. Her abilities make the palace alert level increase slower, but if you’re taking your time to ambush most shadows you shouldn’t need this.

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