Bias Lighting Can Save You From Eyestrain

I recently set up a some bias lighting for my living room TV. The whole process takes about 10 minutes, minus the time it took to take the TV off the wall mount. To install, you make a track with the strip in the shape you want and stick it to back of the TV. It plugs into the USB slot of the TV and provides enough light that I don’t need to turn on any lights to see around the room.

I stayed up until 2 AM on a work night (you’re probably thinking better watch out this guy is insane) to see if it would reduce the eyestrain. The results were better than I expected and makes me wonder why TVs don’t include this automatically.

We often turn the lights off when using the TV at night because the light in front of the TV causes a glare, this forces our eyes to work harder to compensate for the difference between the darkness of the room and the brightness of the TV. With the TV being back lit, that’s not an issue. I feel like I have less dry eyes and headaches from long sessions on the couch after the change. Having some lighting in the background also gives better contrast for the TV, it helps distinguish the blacks and greys on the screen, the colors are less washed out. I will probably get more to add to my PC monitors too.

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