You Should Buy Some Mason Jars

Up until I started writing this post, I thought mason jars got their name because they’re used for brick laying in some way, but it’s actually named after John Landis Mason who invented them. Even though his invention was really useful he eventually died in poverty.

I bought a 12 pack a few years ago and they’re all still in tact. Only problem is that the metal ring start to rust pretty quick, you can replace them with these plastic ones. The problem with the plastic lids is that the seal is not water proof, so make sure you put the flat disc with the rubber seals inside the plastic lid. You can use them to preserve jam, canning, or decoration and pinterest photos. Just having a few around will impress your guests and they’ll think you’re an adult that knows what you’re doing. I mostly just drink out of them, the wide mouth makes it easy to clean. They’re good for meal prep too if you’re into noodles, they’re the right size for powdered soylent too. Also they’re really handy for catching spiders, it also works as a Thunderdome if you manage to catch two or more.

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