Five Items Under $30 to Improve Your Life

Bidet – The first upgrade I bought when I moved into my own place. The basic model I have has great for the last three years. You’ll save a ton on toilet paper too (You should probably still wipe after you spray but you’ll be using less tp). There’s a dial on the side to control the spray.  It’s easy to install,  hooks directly into the toilet. Electric models are available with heated seat, warm air dry and deordorizer.

USB Charger – You’re going to want one of these if you own at least a phone and a tablet.  It was really annoying to have to change out plugs for different electronics all the time, this really frees up the clutter. I bought the Sabrent 60 watt charger in 2015, it works well but I haven’t had a reason to use all 10 ports at once yet. It’ll charge almost any USB device including your phone, your iPad, your kindle and your PS4 controller. I haven’t tried to plug a USB drive in but that’s probably a bad idea. It’ll also charge your Nintendo Switch if you have a spare USB-C cable, so that’s pretty nice.

Sponge holder for the kitchen sink – This is one that I wish I had earlier, my sponges last way longer now that they dry quicker. It feels more sanitary than putting the sponge in a tray where the water collects. I use this suction cup model in my stainless steel sink, it should work fine with marble and tile. You can also get the type that rests over the sink divider if your sink can’t handle suction cups.

Tablet stand – This one’s a real game changer if you like lounging in bed and don’t like holding up your tablet. Just fit the clamp on your bed post or night stand and never have to use your arms again. The tablet holder I have can fit my Surface Pro 4 which is pretty big for a tablet. If you have a problem fitting your tablet in then you should probably get a gym membership, or try putting it in width wise instead of length wise.

Screw driver – Get a multibit screw driver. Things are going to break and you might be able to fix them. Plus you can tighten all screws in your house like the door knobs and the toilet paper holders with one, they feel so much better after you tighten them.

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